Insulated Roof Panels

These all-in-one insulated panel/roof panels have revolutionised the building industry’s approach to roofing and cladding.

Versiclad insulated panels offer a stunningly simple solution for homes, granny flats, patios, suspended ceilings or wherever you want a roofing or cladding option that provides:

  • Superior thermal control and weather tightness
  • Outstanding structural strength
  • Amazingly simple and fast installation process

Versiclad comes in a wide range of profiles including corrugated, various core thicknesses providing insulation values up to R 5.0, and different ceiling finishes.

Just look at the superior features:

  • Four roof profiles including corrugated and a choice of rib shapes
  • Span distances of up to 11.4 m reducing the number and cost of unsightly supporting beams
  • Fire retardant insulation core with insulation ratings of up to R 5.0 for amazing heat control and condensation, mould, and noise reduction
  • Flat ceiling available in three finishes; stucco, microline or smooth
  • Amazing range of 11 colour options
  • Internal wiring duct for ease of lighting installation

Insulated Roof by SolarSpan

What are the advantages of SolarSpan & InsulRoof Insulated Roofing?

Blocks Heat - SolarSpan’s high performing polystyrene core provides efficient, long-lasting insulation and comfort below.

Saves Money, Adds Value - The simple, quick, modular design reduces build time and therefore the cost. SolarSpan® is an affordable way to breathe new life into your outdoor area and add value to your home.

Deadens Noise - The high performing polystyrene core helps to reduce noise from rain and hail.

Low Maintenance - SolarSpan’s COLORBOND® steel roof and ceiling gives a long-lasting, easy to clean finish.

Walking on SolarSpan® - Unlike a single skin patio roof, SolarSpan’s strength allows owners to walk on it for maintenance and to retrieve the occasional lost ball.

Simple Construction - No rafters and battens are required.

Strong and Durable - Two layers of steel laminated to high performing polystyrene core provides strength and durability.

Guaranteed 10 year Warranty - SolarSpan® provides you with piece of mind offering a 10 year written warranty on your panel.

Very Versatile - SolarSpan® is used for patios, enclosed extensions, carports and for a variety of other shaded structures.

Always comfortable - Day or Night, Winter or Summer, be comfortable all year round with an insulated outdoor living area.


9 COLORBOND® steel Roof Colours

The SolarSpan® & InsulRoof® colour range has been rigorously tested and hand picked with the support of BlueScope Steel, to offer top side roofing colours with the best thermal performance, warranted and made tough for Australian conditions.